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Friday is here and Ollie and Rafa send you off to the weekend and the foreseeable future. They say their thank yous, as well as future predictions for major upcoming football events. We thank you for all your support and hope you continue to enjoy the football.
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It's the Thursday edition of World Football Daily and we spend the majority of the show reviewing the Champions League match play from the weekend. We also inform the good audience of some impending news for the show. So tune in a make sure you listen.
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Wednesday is here and Champions League is still gracing us with its presence. Graham Ruthven of One World Sports joins Ollie to review the Champions League Results from Tuesday and look ahead to the Wednesday night matches as well. Manchester United have a complete collapse in Greece, falling 2-0 to Olympiacos. The pressure just contines to mount on David Moyes. Suddenly we are hearing about last minute meetings being held by the higher-ups in he club to discuss the Moyes job-situation. We also look at the Dortmund result which should see the German side through when they return home for the second leg. Of course tonight, we see the return of Drogba to Chelsea. Does Jose have the leg up in the pre-match mind game front? Is this where Schalke bow out to Spanish giants Real Madrid? All these questions are answered by Graham. And then Rafa comes on to give his two pence on the Champions League action too!
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Tuesday show is here and it's a Champions League Match Day. Our guest for the day is Kit Holden and he comes on to talk primarily about the German representatives in Champions League and Europa League knock out round play. Borussia Dortmund had a minor set back at the weekend being beaten heading into their Tuesday clash against Zenit St. Petersburg. We see whether or not Dortmund have bowed out of the league competition for success in Europe. We also look at Schalke's chances of ruining Real Madrid's la Decima.
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It's the Monday show of World Football Daily which means you have a ton of football to catch up on from the weekend. Our guest for the day is Graham Hunter who gets to talk about Real Madrid finding their way to the top of la Liga. But it that their goal for the season? Or is la Decima the be-all, end-all for los Blancos. Plus, should we be shocked that Real Sociedad beat Barcelona 3-1? Are there other teams in la Liga worth talking about outside of the new Top Three? What does Sociedad's win say for City who just went down to FCB are home at the Etihad midweek. Graham gives us his opinion on all this and more. Rafa come on the program to talk about some Ligue 1 football, a shocking, but telling result from Borussia Dortmund, and whatever else he can squeeze into the program that isn't Rangers.
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